3 Essential Things to Build A Great Checkout Page

To help online stores better enhance their checkout process, there are a lot of modules and extensions created. For example, Magento 2 community has adapted an extension callI Magento 2 One Step Checkout to improve their checkout conversion rate. Now I would like to introduce you the 3 essential things to build a great checkout page on your site whatever platform that your web is built on. These may be not enough, but these are absolutely the must-have elements to upgrade your current checkout status.

All your effort to bring visitors to your site will become useless if your checkout page can not reach shopper requirement. As checkout is the last step which shoppers inform their personal and payment information, they have to be careful as well as make sure that the site they are about to place an order is safe and security. Hence, even a single small suspicion on your site is able to make your potential customers quit the checkout process.

It is obvious that checkout process plays an important role in your business. According to Statistia survey of “Primary reason for digital shoppers to abandon their carts in the United States as of February 2015”, All the reasons listed are related to checkout issues. Thus, the common problem of every e-Commerce business nowadays is how to built a great checkout page for visitors. Therefore, the article is recommended to be followed and checked if your website has got these effective helping tools.


A testimonial is a social proof that will raise your shopper trust to your store website. However, testimonials need to be used in the right way.

You may notice that testimonials are extremely effective on a website. There is nothing better than the fact that someone has adapted this product and review it to be good while using. The review will be even better with image, product status, receiving date and shopper’s real name.

In contrast, if the testimonials are not clear and the information they provide is too short, this can be suspected and even damage your image when the testimonials turn out to be fake.

So, how to use testimonials to optimize the conversion rate as well as boost your checkout process? The idea here is creating testimonials with full customer information such as their name, address, email, personal image and the note should be long enough, specific and related to the products.

One Step Checkout

If you still using the default checkout in your main system, improve it immediately. Why do you have to change your checkout structure? It is easy to see, on the internet, everything of your store has to be unique when comparing with other websites.

For example, Magento community has been eventful in recent year as a new version of Magento with new interface and features has been released - Magento 2. With Magento 2, checkout process has been configured in two steps on two different pages and each page has several back and forth steps for customers to complete their order. Nevertheless, the back and forth steps still a big problem for shoppers who do not have time to type and fill all the information, not mention they can not track what they inform.

In this case, using an extension is the best solution. And the extension that both work well and has a reasonable price at the moment is Magento 2 One Step Checkout module. This extension has been confirmed to increase conversion rate up to 30%, decrease 66% abandonment cart and reduce 80% checkout time with many superior features.

magento 2 one step checkout

Live Chat Assistance

Remember, never let your visitors wandering around your website alone. Particularly, a visitor comes to your website because they were impressed with something in it or simply be invited by friends. However, the interesting can gradually decrease with the time they spend on your site, suffer and wonder with questions which they can not find any help.

Moreover, checkout process also need to be careful with important information which can affect directly their finance, shoppers will even have more questions that need instant help from a real human.

In another way, Live Chat support can be concerned as an advisor for shoppers when they reach your store site. With the assistance of Live Chat, your shoppers will not feel lost through site map structure. They can comfortably explore your store and find what they need, the things they want and even some stuff they like but have not thought of yet. Hence, an effortless shopping can lead to a pleasant checkout later.